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  • What is Jewish Singles in London?

    We are a Jewish Events Calendar, classifeds and online directory of recommended organisations and services for the Jewish community. People join and receive weekly newsletters and receive full access to the website. Please see our about page for further details.

  • How much does it cost to join?

    There is no charge to join Jewish Singles in London and receive the weekly newsletters, and once you have joined you will have access to the entire site.

  • How do I add a listing to the website?

    To add a listing (event or classified) just go to our add listing page. There are 3 types of listings:

    1. Events Listings
    2. Classified Listings
    3. Directory Listings

  • What are the FREE ways to make my listing more effective?

    Giving your listings as much social proof as possible will make a massive difference to your listing effectiveness. Starting with yourself, get as many people as possible to:

    1. Click the Facebook LIKE button on your listing comment for the listing to appear on your Facebook news feed. Commenting on this news feed item will encourage Facebook to upgrade it to a 'Top Story' which means that it will be seen by more users.

    2. Leave rating/reviews under your listing. Do one yourself to get the ball rolling. Leaving reviews may also boost your Google ranking.

    3. Click the Twitter TWEET button.

    4. Click the new Google + 1 button. This tells Google that your listing exisits and can boost you listing directly

    5. Send an update message to all the registered viewers who have viwed your listing using the 'My Jewpro'

    6. Link to this article

  • Why do I need to leave reviews? Why do I have a penalty?

    Having reviews on listings is vital to demonstrate a track record and quality to the customer. Jewish Singles in London requires you to have at least0 reviews for your listings. If you have less than this, you are points penalised in 'My Jewpro' by 50%. For directory listings, the more reviews you have, the higher you will appear.

  • What does the Facebook LIKE button do?

    It has three main purposes

    1. To put the listing on your Facebook news feed in a nice format. This lets your existing contacts see it and if you encourage people to comment on it, it becomes a top story which further spreads across the site.

    2. It gives social proof to your listing. The more ‘Likes’ the more popular and high quality the listing will seem.

    3. It makes your listing viral. Not only does it go on your news feed, but all the other people who have clicked LIKE, have had the listing put on their Facebook news feeds.

  • How do upgrade, edit, delete my existing listing, add an image,PDF, DOC, view listings stats etc?

    Please login then go to the 'My Jewpro'

  • Link to this article

  • How do I re-fresh an old classified listing so it reappears?

    If you have you want an old classified or directory listing to appear again on newsletters or website as if it is a new listing, please login to the 'My Jewpro'. For additional help with this, see our Listings Mangement Tool Guide

  • How do I complete an unfinished listing?

    If you have started to add a listing and not completed it (i.e. you wanted to pay later or the internet failed) please login to the 'My Jewpro'. For additional help with this, see our Listings Mangement Tool Guide

  • How do I have my banner on Jewish Singles in London? What are the Banner advertising rates

    Please call +44 20 7193 5429 and we will send you our Banner Advertising Rates Card

  • How much does it cost to add a listing to Jewish Singles in London?

    For some classifieds listings such as volunteering and tehillim there is no charge. Otherwise, there is a charge to appear on the newsletters and website. Please see our listing rates .

  • Do you have any testimonials?

    We have dozens of testimonials from individuals and organisations such as JNF, LJCC, NWJS, Jewish Museum, JBD, JLE, Aish, Emunah, Kesher, Chabad of Hendon, Meir Panim, Bendigamos. Please see our full testimonials.

  • How many people look at Jewish Singles in London?

    Please see our site statistics. From each newsletter/email blast, about 1,700 can download the email with images. The website gets around 35,000 page views per month

  • How do I contact you?

    Please use our contact page for details.

  • How would advertising on Jewish Singles in London get more people to my events and boost sales?
    Advertising on Jewish Singles in London can significantly boost your sales and get more people to your events. Please see our
    Why Advertise with us page.

  • Do you have any testimonials?
    We have extensive testimonials for dozens of Jewish organisations. We are proud to have made these available on the website at our testimonials page.

  • I'm confused, can't you just add my listing for me?

    Yes, we can add your listing for you. See our send us your listings page for details.

  • How do I make my listing more noticeable?

    There is the option to upgrade your listing using the 'My Jewpro' so that it is more noticeable and, therefore, more effective. Please also see our advertising rates.

  • How do I stop receiving email newsletters?

    Click on the manage subscriptions link at the bottom of the emails to login (your username and password should automatically be filled in from this link). Once logged in, click on the 'My Jewpro' link at the top of the screen and then click on the Manage Subscriptions / Unsubscribe link

  • How do change my personal details/password/email etc ?

    login to 'My Jewpro' and click on the Change Profile link

  • I havent got a password / lost my password ?

    Click to request a password reminder

  • What Social Media and RSS support do you have?

  • How many people read Jewish Singles in London?
    • Every week over 15,000 people receive at least one newsletter with Jewish events and classified listings

    • Over 750 real people each dat can click on and see your listing

    • You can see which real people have looked at your listing, not just search engines through out stats page

    • In addition to the above, if you have your listing sent out separately via email over 1,700 people can download the email with images

  • Are you on Facebook?

    Jewish Singles in London is also available on Facebook via the RSS feeds and through the Facebook 'Like', 'Recommends' and 'Comments' options.

  • When are listings processed?

    Listings may not be processed during Shabbat, Erev Shabbat, Erev Chagim, or Chagim (Jewish holy days).

  • When are emails and SMS's sent out?

    The schedule is typically as follows:

    • The events and classified newsletters are sent out to our email database on Tuesdays. The deadline is Monday 5pm. This is subject to adjustment due to Jewish Holy Days.
    • Email Blasts to our email database on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Friday Mornings, or Sundays
    • SMS Blasts to our UK Mobile database at any time
    • Emails and SMSs are not sent out on the Sabbath or Jewish Holy days
  • What should I do if I want more information?

    If you would like to know more about Jewish Singles in London please visit our about page. Or have any further questions, please complete the contact us form.