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Inner Game Life Coaching Ltd

Clinical Hypnotherapy

Discounts for Jewpro Subscribers

SAVE 70% discount on two hypnotherapy sessions 

Offer Terms: 39 GBP for two sessions. New clients only. Can be purchased as a gift. Non-refundable, non- transferable. Further sessions also have a 10% discount
Please quote 'Hypno-Jewpro'

Offer Expires: 15/Mar/2013

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NLP and hypnotherapy sessions will help you:
Stop smoking, start sleeping, lose weight, de-stress and feel relaxed, find your motivation, pain management, kick bad habits such as nail biting, decrease anxiety, life coaching, phobias, reduce weight or kick comfort or overeating. Or choose a specific package:


Weight Reduction Package

Not a rock band or a rubber band, a virtual gastric band hypnosis session will give you the feeling of a smaller stomach, as if your stomach has been reduced in size, allowing you to feel full quicker. You will more automatically eat smaller portions. You can continue to eat what you want and when you want but at the same time you will lose weight naturally and without any expensive surgery. Also use your sessions to begin a path to stopping noshing chocolate, making better choices, cutting comfort eating, late night eating, increase motivation for exercise, and begin a programme of real lasting weight reduction. 


We all know that closing your eyes helps you relax, now with NLP blended with hypnosis, gently closing your eyes will help you discover how to slowdown those anxious racing thoughts and get a handle on stress at home and at work. I will give you techniques to use on your own, for when stress feels too much (and how to lower it in the first place). Cut down panic attacks, nail biting, unneeded shouting etc. These sessions are only suitable if you want to see more calm and relaxation in your daily life!

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Golders Green. NW11 8ED Click to view map
Nearest Tube Nearest Tube is Golders Green

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For Men and Women. All Ages.
Intended for all and the wider communities

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