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How to Follow Us

Follow Us and be updated of Jepwro listings as soon as they appear on the website.

Important! If you post listings on to Jewpro, it is very important to Follow Us and to check the listings are coming through correctly.

Microsoft Outlook 2007+ (recommended)

Open Microsoft Outlook then click  Outlook icon to bring up the built in RSS reader  

Google / Gmail

Sign in to Gmail then click on this  Google icon. You can then choose to import into the Google Reader   


Just click the  Yahoo Icon   


Click to Follow the Jewpro on LinkedIn group. The RSS feed is automatically posted it.


Click to Follow the JewproLondon on Twitter group. The RSS feed is automatically posted to JewproLondon.

Facebook Jewpro Instant Fan Page

This is a brand new way of following the listings using Facebook.

Facebook Friends of Jewpro Group

Apply to join the Friends of Jewpro Group which has the occasional posting and special offers

Use the raw RSS Feed

Have your own RSS reader, just use this url